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Big Data Developers - All Levels - U.S. Citizens Only at Mission Focus (Alexandria, VA)

Big Data Developers - All Levels - U.S. Citizens Only at Mission Focus (Alexandria, VA)

Mission Focus works closely with the Department of Defense Intelligence Community to create Big Data solutions.  If you want to be on the leading edge of technology, and you love to code, Mission Focus is where you want to be.


  • Are a small but mighty team of professional software engineers

  • Employ an agile, test-driven development methodology

  • Avoid crunch-time by managing our code and ourselves well

  • Are building something magnificent


  • Focus and get things done

  • Are eager to learn and happy to teach

  • Dream in code, think in abstractions, draw in UML

  • Aspire to write code that will open a door to new science


  • Think deeply while crafting clean code that works

  • Distill dense technical information into operational knowledge

  • Take your turn as build master, doc master, cluster master, data master, test master

  • Become a somebody in the world of renowned software engineers


  • U.S. citizen with existing security clearance, or clearable

  • Work on-site with the team in Old Town Alexandria

  • Solid curly-bracket software development experience

Desirable Experience:

  • JavaScript, Ember, Sass

  • Clojure, Compojure, Lisp

  • Git, Jenkins, Maven, Leiningen, Node

  • DevOps, *-IX, Mac OS

  • Perl, shell scripting

  • NoSQL compute and storage technologies

  • Information visualization, UI / UX design

  • Natural language / image / motion imagery processing

  • Semiotics, knowledge representation, data modeling, semantic technologies

  • Advanced physics, mathematics, statistical inference, artificial intelligence

Aspiring professional software engineers only please. Project managers, start-up entrepreneurs, and business development types need not apply.

About Mission Focus

Mission Focus is an agile development shop that takes domain design and development as seriously as system design and development. We work mostly in the Intelligence arena with DoD and IC customers in close partnership with the Institute for Modern Intelligence. Our coredomain is the storage, processing, and utilization of data in the context of immense scale and diversity. We are experts in cloud compute and storage technology and invented the Sign Representation Framework which underpins a game-changing approach to data unification. We pride ourselves on our disciplined engineering practices and distinguish ourselves by our ability to continually learn, innovate, and deliver. The work we do is meaningful, intentional, and wrapped with our integrity. We are driven to think harder and work better than the rest because we believe the code we are writing will change the world.

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