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Fullstack (React/Node/PHP/MySQL) Developer for a Trending Music Company (Remote) at eMastered, LLC () (allows remote)

Fullstack (React/Node/PHP/MySQL) Developer for a Trending Music Company (Remote) at eMastered, LLC () (allows remote)

Our company is looking for an extremely competent full-stack developer.

The right candidate will be a proactive builder, willing to get his/her hands dirty to get things done. Being a small team, our designs don't always include every detail of how things should work, so we need you to proactively figure out what's missing and ask the right person about it.

Required skills:
- JavaScript, React, TypeScript, Node, Next.js, GraphQL, PHP, MySQL, AWS.

Initially, part of the work will be about building something from scratch using modern, "dev-friendly" tech, and another part of the work will be about migrating parts of a legacy codebase (e.g. jQuery) to that newer React codebase. You may focus on either the frontend or the API, but optimally you are able to do both, depending on the needs of the project.

This is a remote, contractor position (yet "full-time"). By full-time, we assume professional-focus.  We're looking for someone who can focus solely on us in terms of professional work.

We understand the need for flexibility with such work, and we don't push anybody to work X amount of hours per week. We value productivity, and the amount of hours that you feel most productive with is what we'd expect you to go for.

We're looking for someone based in the US.

You will be working alongside a talented team, including Grammy-winning engineers, on exciting projects that are revolutionizing the audio and music industry.

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