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JavaScript PHP Engineers at Pyxos Inc() (Minato City, Japan)

JavaScript PHP Engineers at Pyxos Inc() (Minato City, Japan)


  • What is Julea and Denta map plus?*

Julea a cloud-based reception software and Denta map plus also cloud-based reservation program for dental clinics.


Denta map plus

  • About the company*

Company name: Pyxos Inc.
Location: Tokyo (Minato) ,Kagoshima,Osaka
Job type: Web application engineer
Youre allowed to work remotely (particularly)
Allowed to work remotely
Agile principles of development are adopted
B2B service operation
Development of in-house service

  • Message*

In Pyxos were working on globalization and development of a service for medical and legal industries in a global market.
As you already know a global societys development speed and economic prosperity has never been so high. Due to these circumstances, we strongly believe that it is important to identify priorities, always look ahead with a broad perspective in order to realize ambitions. The motto of our company Providing prosperity with the latest technologies became a quintessence of our beliefs. We want to create a world where technologies would catalyze social prosperity and make the everyday routine easier!

  • Details about the project*

This time were hiring an engineer who would be in charge of several operations, such as app development and server production etc, for our projects - Julea and Denta map plus.
Though our HQ is located in Kagoshima, but as most of our customers are companies from Kanto area, this time were looking for a Tokyo office team member, an experienced engineer.
As in Pyxos we support flexible work shift, youd be allowed to work short-hour and actively use your skills as web engineer, and, if necessary, look after your child. But please consult about it in advance.

  • Advantages of developing atmosphere*

We dont have extreme overwork shifts. In fact, there are a lot of employees who leave at 19:00
There are 3 female employees among all Tokyos 21 team members.
Employees are allowed to leave earlier if theres a need to take care of a child etc. Must consult in advance. For example, there are employees in Kagoshima office who leave at 16:00.
You might be involved in developing processes aside from Julea and Denta map plus. But dont worry, youll be able to work at your own pace.

  • Perks for engineers*

When it's necessary development and sales divisions cooperate in order to add some new functions
Youll have an opportunity to decide whatd be better (easier to use) for a customer
There are a lot of opportunities to talk with CEO directly and plenty of chances to confirm whatever you want

  • Team structure*

As for now we have 1 team with member of 6. And one of 6 members is the team leader and all are basically responsible for server-related correspondence, application support correspondence etc without drawing any specific lines.

  • Appealing tech point*

As were applying new techs to our project, youd be able to try and learn to work with those. Also, youll have a great experience in project confirmation, adjustment, programming and testing.

  • Developing Process*

Decision making process
After the decision has been made a certain person would be assigned as an engineer in charge. As for the following stages for all the systems (Julea, Denta map plus) of the process (creating media image - photo, video), those would be decided by manager and engineer in charge.


  • Hiring conditions*

Experience in web application development

A person who matches with the following points would be granted with higher income:

3+ years of experience in using JavaScript and source review
Familiarity with back-end and experience in query optimization and database tuning

  • Tech supply*

Programming language - PHP, JavaScript,html5
Framework - Pyxos Original Framework
Database - mariadb
Project managing - redmine gitlab
Others - svn, css3, centos, microsoft-teams

  • Language

We use mainly Japanese in our work.


  • Working hoursHolidays*

Working hours: 9:0018:00
Lunch break: 12:0013:00
Youre allowed to leave earlier if you need to pick up your child etc. Feel free to consult about it in advance.
Overtime work: sometimes you might be asked to work overtime, but basically our employees are leaving at 19:00.


  • Address*


3-24-18 Takanawa,

Minato-ku, Tokyo-to 108-0074Japan

  • Nearest Station*

4 minutes walk from Takanawa gateway Station

7 minutes walk from Sengakuji Station

8 minutes walk from Shinagawa Station


  • Welfare*

public holidays
summer paid holidays
New Year, paid leave (after trial period expiration)
over 125 holidays per year


  • Hiring flow*

Apply from indeed

Document selection

Test of Programming Skills(Web)

First interview

Second interview

Decision to pass or fail

  • Other*

Employment type - full-time employee
Trial period - 6 months (annual income would be the same)
Bonus - 2 or 3 times a year

Job Type: Full-time

Salary: 3,600,000 to 5,000,000 /year


  • JavaScript: 3 years (Required)


  • Japanese (Preferred)

from developer jobs - Stack Overflow https://ift.tt/2CEFzpw

from Sarkari Naukri https://ift.tt/30mQgoV

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